India---->Republic of Scams!!!

Its not a wondering topic for anyone of us.,these days!!! We get tracked with new scams daily in our news updates or daily papers what ever!!!

Its worrying when we read something about the politicians naming themselves as KING'[Raja Thandri] in a Democratic Nation!!!!!!!and their family members arguing to public as ' we r rule makers'

Always the question of insecurity and bias increased in many-ways?! and some questions are always given wrong viewing answers every time!!! and left unanswered?!

1) Law of the Land- whether they are made to secure the public or a paper show!!

2) Social Status of women- It is always argued that opposite gender made hindrance but its always a female plays larger part bringing up a male as well?! so who takes the real reason?! and what to do? in order to break the circle?!

3)1/4 of the world's poor are from India, poor working condition and labour treatment- Thats not a freaking joke, but why the government do always make trade policy which helps Tata's and Ambani's!!

4) Tax burden increased to common- ITS REALLY ANNOYING TO KNOW THAT THERE IS NO INHERITANCE TAX' made into practice..which will help government to earn heavy tax from richer who are getting properties from families and help the nation to take individual life!!

Its always prosperous,honesty,love,respect for female, children,vegan,loving animals,art,democracy in our words...

and the True INDIA is.,

Looting our own motherland,dishonest,hate and politics[even in families],treating women with bad respect, dominating a child, ordering someone, everything done expecting something back[which is not openly expressed--even a child born is expected to serve back to the parents and male child is preferred?!]our PM's and CM's call themselves as KING" and their dynasty will loot and corrupt!!!

What we need to do now?!

do we have any hope towards the system,law,family?!

I, Myself left unanswerable?!


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